SPAM email from TeamUnify/Kingfish -- do not pay anything or click any links!!!

It has come to our attention that some families are receiving emails from Team Unify (our former team website) that they have an overdue invoice. The email has our logo and looks legitimate but these emails are SPAM. If you receive an email, do not pay anything or click on any links. The swim team does not send or generate invoices to families in the off-season; we pay registration fees when we register online at the beginning of the season.  In addition, we are no longer using TeamUnify so any requests for payment would come from Swimtopia or Kingfish Board members only and ONLY during the summer swim season.  Please reach out to us if you ever receive any correspondence from the Kingfish, Swimtopia, or TeamUnify that looks suspicious in any way.   If you have any questions about this, feel free to reply to this email. 

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