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"A" Meets (Saturday Mornings)

Coaches "seed" all A meets. This means they select the swimmers and events they will swim. In general, coaches pick the fastest swimmers in each event for the "A" meets based on times at Time Trials or at meets throughout the season, but the coaches do have discretion to make any decisions that they feel are in the best interest of the team when seeding meets. As swimmers consistently improve their times, these entries will vary from week to week. According to MCSL guidelines, there are limitations to the number of events a participant may swim in each meet. Swimmers may be entered a maximum of 3 individual stroke events, plus the individual medley event. These limitations are factors in the coaches' selection process.  

The coaches usually seed the upcoming A meet on Thursday evening.  Our coaches assume that all swimmers are available to swim in the "A" meet. If your swimmer is available to swim in the Saturday A meet, you must declare your swimmer as ATTENDING for that Saturday by that Thursday at noon. Do not assume your swimmer will not be selected to swim on Saturdays. 

In general, the line ups are posted online Thursday evenings and announced during Friday morning practice.

Swimmers not competing in the "A" meets (Saturday mornings) will be able to compete in the "B" meet (Wednesday evenings). See the B Meet tab for more information.

A Meet Relay Eligibility

The relay teams at A Meets are selected from the fastest swimmers (based on fastest swim times during the entire season not just the results of that day's entries). A swimmer may place first in his or her event during a particular meet but still not beat the standing fastest time achieved by another swimmer, and therefore not be selected to swim in the relay event. Additionally, it is at the discretion of the Head Coach to strategize relay teams' combinations for A and B relays as a way to achieve the most points for the team.


All week:    Swimmers must be signed IN as ATTENDING if they cannot swim by Thursday 12pm.  Please also sign your swimmer OUT as NOT ATTENDING if they are not able to attend as it helps the coaches know who can be there. (if you do not sign your swimmer IN, coaches assume they are NOT available)

Thur:          Seeding process of upcoming Saturday A Meet 

Fri:              Line-up announced at morning practice and posted online

Sat:             A meet takes place

To Sign IN for an A Meet:

Go to MEETS AND EVENTS, then SCHEDULE OF MEETS AND EVENTS, then find this week’s A Meet (or future A Meets).

Click on the green MEET ENTRY OPEN button to sign-up your athletes for meet events.

You may see a volunteer job confirmation window with a link to go back and sign-up for job shifts and/or a confirmation that you have already signed up for a job at this meet.


Underneath you will see a list of Swimmer(s) associated with your account. Click EDIT to add or change their attendance to ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING. (See example below)

Select an attendance option (ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING) from the drop-down menu next to each Swimmer's name. You can also make a note for the Coaches and indicate if your child is available or not for relays at that meet. 

The Coaches will seed A Meets, typically based on the fastest times in each event and age group, however they have discretion to seed the meet in any way that best benefits the Team. Parent/Swimmers do not get to choose their events for A Meets.

Click the green SAVE button to save your selections. The lineup is usually posted to Swimtopia on Thursday evening and Coaches will communicate the final lineup to swimmers at Friday morning practice. 

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