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Relay Carnivals (A and B)

A Relay Carnival 

Similar to A meets, line-ups for A Relay Carnival are determined by our Head Coach. Swimmers unavailable to swim for A Relays must sign out of this meet. It allows our Coaches to determine the relay line-ups for each event.

The 1st place relay team of each event at the A Relay Carnival is seeded for the All Star Relay meet, except for the two relays swum in dual meets (the medley relay and the graduated free relay). According to MCSL rules, the Division's winning team is entered for these two relays.

If a relay team qualifies via the A Relay Carnival to swim in All Star Relays, the relay team members who swam in the A Relay Carnival will swim that relay at All Star Relays, except in the case of a swimmer’s own scratch.

If a swimmer scratches, the Head Coach will determine the alternate swimmer.

B Relay Carnival

A swimmer is eligible to swim in this meet if:

  • You did not participate in the ‘A’ Relay Carnival.
  • You participated in only one event of the ‘A’ Relay Carnival. If you were in two or more events in the ‘A’ Relay Carnival, you are not eligible to swim.
  • You must sign in by the deadline to attend the event so the Head Coach can seed the relay teams. 

Unlike a dual meet, if a swimmer is chosen to swim in a relay and then does not show for the meet, the entire relay must be scratched and 3 other swimmers are affected, so commitment to attend is critical. Swimmers must "Opt In" on the website, i.e., commit to the meet, indicating that they are available to swim, in order to be eligible to participate in a B relay team. Swimmers who do not "Opt In" will not be eligible to participate in this meet. 

Coaches organize the B meet relay teams which are announced 1-2 days in advance of the meet. Coaches try their best to get all swimmers who commit to participate in a minimum of one relay event.

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