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Meet Sign-ups

It is extremely important for our Coaches and meet coordinators to know whether a swimmer is available for a meet. Please make sure to indicate your swimmer's availability by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Meets & Events tab above
  2. Navigate to "Schedule of Meets & Events"
  3. Select the meet you are interested in, and
  4. Click the green "Meet Entry" button to indicate your swimmers availability. If you do not see this option, check back later as the meet is unavailable for entries yet.

  You may see a volunteer job confirmation window with a link to go back and sign- up for job shifts. 


Underneath you will see a list of athletes associated with your account. 

5. Click Edit to add or change their attendance. Select an attendance option (ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING) from the drop-down menu next to each athlete's name.


6.If this is a B meet, a list of events will appear after you selected ATTENDING. Check which events you would like to enter for each athlete. Limits to number of events will appear on the top right corner.  For an A Meet, you will simply select ATTENDING and the coaches will choose the events. 

7. For A Meets only, elect whether your swimmer is available for the relays from the 

drop-down menu for each athlete.

8. Click the Save button to save your selections.  Remember, if your swimmer's availability changes, make sure to let the Head Coach or Assistant Head Coach know right way so changes can be made to the lineup.  

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