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"B" Meet (Wednesday evenings)

Kingfish is a member of the Seneca B League. The "B" meets provide swimmers an opportunity to perfect and apply the skills they have learned during practice; gain competition experience by swimming against other teams in the league; and potentially post qualifying times for an upcoming A meet (see "A" meets section for more information).

All swimmers must perform a "legal" stroke in order to participate. If unsure, please ask the coach prior to signing up.

In a "B" meet, swimmers can chose the events they would like to participate in their age group.  A swimmer is eligible to swim an individual event (including the individual medley) only once per week in either an A or B meet (i.e., if the swimmer swims Freestyle on the previous Saturday A meet, he/she may not swim Freestyle on Wednesday B Meet.) The exception is if he/she is asked to "Swim Up" to an older age group in Saturday A meet, he/she may then compete on Wednesday B meet in that same stroke in their own age group. There will be no "swimming up" to an older age level in a B Meet.

A swimmer may swim no more than three individual strokes and the individual medley (IM) in the B Meet. There are no relays in regular B Meets. 

To participate in B Meets, you must sign your swimmer IN and choose their strokes by Monday at 7pm in order for them to swim two days later on Wednesday.  Signups for B Meets will open up right after the A Meet the prior Saturday so you have between Saturday afternoon and Monday at 7pm to sign up your swimmer. 

Exhibition Swimmers

If a swimmer swims a total of three (3) individual stroke events at the A Meet (Sat), they may compete in the off-stroke at the following B meet (Wed) as an Exhibition swimmer only. Exhibition swimmers receive times, but may not receive a place finish or ribbon for the event. There will be an "X" by the swimmer's name in the meet program, and their time will be listed at the bottom of the event results. If a swimmer does not swim the IM in the Saturday A Meet, they may swim the event in the B meet for a place finish/ribbon.

Pre-team Kickboard Races (Event #26C)

Pre-team swimmers may sign up to swim in the "kickboard races" that take place at half-time of the B Meets.  You would need to sign up your Pre-teamer for the meet by the deadline explained above.  The Event # is 26C for the KickBoard races in the B Meets.

How to Sign IN for B Meets:

Go to MEETS AND EVENTS, then SCHEDULE OF MEETS AND EVENTS, then find the B Meet for the upcoming week.

Click on the green MEET ENTRY OPEN button to sign-up your swimmers for meet events.

You may see a volunteer job confirmation window with a link to go back and sign-up for job shifts and/or a confirmation that you have already signed up for a job at this meet.


Underneath you will see a list of Swimmer(s) associated with your account. Click EDIT to add or change their attendance, or to add, change, or delete events for your Swimmer(s).

Select an attendance option (ATTENDING or NOT ATTENDING) from the drop-down menu next to each Swimmer's name. A list of events will appear if you selected ATTENDING. Check which events you would like to enter for each swimmer. The Coaches will make final determinations about whether your child is ready to swim each event. Remember that swimmers cannot swim the same event they swam at the previous Saturday's A Meet.

Click the SAVE button to save your selections. Coaches will communicate the final lineup at Friday afternoon practice. 

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